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null Certification based on TÜV certificates

Certification based on TÜV certificates

A procedure to add new variants to an existing certificate issued by a Notified Body no longer active (suspended or withdrawn) on the field of conformity assessment of pyrotechnic articles according to Directive 2013/29/EU is discussed within the steering committee of the Notified Bodies (PNB Forum).

„In cases in which manufacturers plan to extend registration numbers issued by bodies that have lost their notification (e.g. by TNO, Force, CECOC, IMP). After discussions it was agreed by the forum that the extension is generally possible with a new NB, if they receive full access to the necessary documentation (technical data sheet, parts list, chemical compositions) by the former notified body or the respective notifying authority. The new NB has the right to request further testing for the new variants and to deny the request, in case of doubts regarding the initial tests carried out by the former NB. If the assessment and maybe testing is successful, a new registration number, with the four-digit code of the new NB, must be issued.”

In case of the certification documents, issued by TÜV Rheinland InterCert Ltd. – Notified Body 1008, CerTrust receives full access to those certificates which were transferred to CerTrust with the consent of the client.

CerTrust unconditionally accepts the certification and testing scheme of NB 1008 and can add new variants to the existing product family certified by TÜV by testing the new variants in accordance with the respective testing guidelines of the PNB Forum.

The original certificate issued by NB 1008 will still be valid until withdrawal, however a new certificate with the new variants will be issued by CerTrust in case of positive conformity assessment. The new certificate will have a new registration number issued by CerTrust and indicated on the new certificate.

An example: An already transferred client applies to add a new variant to product family of F2 Batteries of shot tubes with the registration number 1008 – F2 – 692XXXXX. CerTrust will issue a new certificate based on the original certificate extended by the new variant after a positive conformity assessment result based on the test of 6 samples of the new variant. The new certificate will have the registration number of 2806 – F2 – 00YYYY.

The original certificate and its registration number remains valid and the articles with the 1008 – F2 – 692XXXXX registration number can still be placed on the EU market, however the new variant shall be labelled with the new 2806 – F2 – 00YYYY registration number.

In case a certificate issued by NB 1008 needs to be modified, CerTrust can modify it in case it was transferred from TÜV to CerTrust, however by the modification CerTrust shall issue a new certificate and the registration number will be changed for the respective product family.

CerTrust can issue OEM (duplicate) certificate as well based on the certification documents issued by NB 1008 in case the transfer of the certification documents has been carried out.

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